German born Volker Albert Barber started playing piano at early age with lessons at Peter Cornelius Conservatory Mainz, and later on Berklee corresponce course and extensions at UCLA,He also studied Germanistics, Anglistics and Linguistics at Johannes Gutenberg University/mainz Germany. Starting at age 16 he performed top 40 hits in American army clubs and writing and performing original songs which led to playing fusion jazz rock in German jazz clubs and with Brass/Funk/Rock  "Hired Help Band" he won the German Academy Award called "ECHO" (German “Grammy”), for best newcomer band whereafter he joined charting rock band Tokyo, opening for Meatloaf on Europe tour. He also toured as keyboardist internationally with Jennifer Rush.


As synthesizer/sampling product specialist for PPG, -a then leading brand in the market-, he traveled Europe and the US, showcasing state of the art technology including numerous Namm Shows and Frankfurt Musik Messe fairs. He concepted, organized and performed international workshop tours and clinics for PPG, AKAI, DYNACORD, and did sound design and presentations also for the WALDORF synths. As a recording artist he can be heard on hundreds of studio sessions & productions worldwide, catering for arrangements, playing keyboard,s, programming synths for artists such as Terrence Trent D´Arby, Milli Vanilli, Rob & Fab, Boney M,Meatloaf, Debbie Bonham and many others.


He then became writer and head producer of the house at WESTSIDE record label (EMI, etc) In the follwing years he had numerous dancecharts entries and a massive saleschart hit in Asia and Brazil, where up until today bands cover his song 'Don't blame it on the Samba"., followed by the invitation of Rob & Fab -ex Milli Vanilli -to cowrite and produce for their first solo album.

He then


Teamsongs for footballteam FRANKFURT GALAXY, and Basketball Team FRANKFURT SKYLINERS.

Eurovision preliminaries with "DIVO".

ZDF Hitparade mit Dieter Thomas Heck & DEBORAH SASSON.

Las Vegas Stars SIEGFRIED & ROY CD. 

Formula 1 Champion MICHAEL SCHUMACHER CD / Edel.

Olympic Performance MAGDALENA BRZESKA.

Boxing world champion MARCUS BEYER / RCA.

EMMY / Eurovision Contest winner and "Art on Ice" performer Stradivari Violinist EDVIN MARTON / BMG.

"Hope" and "Stimme des Jahres "Award Winner Tenor Tobey Wilson.

"Festival der Sinne" + "Arena der Stars"with CANTARA (BMG Classics)

"Jose Carreras Gala" with Triple Platinum awarded Soprano ANNA MARIA KAUFMAN / KOCH UNIVERSAL.

THE DOME , Fernsehgarten, and many others with "JADE".UNIVERSLA ASIA + EUROPE

2010 World expostion in Beijing Theme music, Top10 tracks.


As Studio musician and record releases some of wich contain own original music on major labels like A&M, ARISTA, BMG, CARRERE, CBS, EMI, SONY, RCA-VICTOR, UNIVERSAL, WARNER, WEA, VERVE with charts entries in both the dance and commercial sales charts, highlighting the album  "JADE" a Chinese girl group of four winners of a "Chinese Idol" format, on Universal the first act from China ever to enter a Top 100 chart outside the Peoples republic of China.


TV credits include 15 episodes of a historic art docu series in Germany, prime time features with German TV Stars EROL SANDERS & URSULA CARVEN, a title song for the "JULIUS CAESAR" TV series, the theme and winner song for the OLIVER KAHN TV show and hours of music in over 300 episodes of the ongoing German network ARD TV Series "VERRÜCKT NACH MEER" and "VERRÜCKT NACH  FLUSS" and had placement in a vierty of feature films.


He wrote and produced Jingles +Trailers for a series of over 350 syndicated radio shows for Talk the Talk, DOVE, FERRARI, SHELL, BAYER which aired in the PRC with a technical reach of 700.000.000 people and 60.000.000 listeners every sunday over the period of 5 years. During that time he also delivered branded productions for HEAD, ADIDAS, FRESENIUS, THOMAS COOK, NOVARTIS, HANSGROHE and many others.


productions include "Kein Ohr Hasen" of TIL SCHWEIGER,  "GANGS" with the Ochsenknecht brothers, "WILDERNACHT" by JOACHIM MASSANEK (die Wilden Kerle).


Operation Finale (Annapurna Pictures), Greyhound (Sony), ,Chainsaw massacre, The Mummy


Moving to Los Angeles/ California he enforced his TV music career and has music placements on channels like ABC,Animal Planet,CBS,NBC, FOX Sports, MTV, National Geographic, and more, as well as German channels ARD, RTL, ZDF, other European countries and far east such as Chinese CCTV, Malaysia.

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